lovely tracks


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cant help it but

ian pooley - piha

followed by

Joe & Jessy Pure Hooney

am I the only one who just loves these tracks .... mmm I wanna party
I just put both of them tracks on one my 2002 house mix cd that i'm taking to ibiza and there was one tune seperating them.
It was the Dj sneak mix of piha that i played and i had ian pooley - missing you, seperating them.
I must have read your mind
any change of a copy of this cd dfunky i can post u a copy of mine if u wish and if ur into trance check the sig......... ;)
does anyone got some free space for a 144Mb house mix of mine ...
ive got in in 46Mb too but then you will get the birate up urseld using a program like sbPower amp music convertor .. just give me a beep
Hi sean
I can give you a cpy but i'm off to ibiza tomorrow so will have to sort it out when i get back
I will look into uploading it somewhere as well