Love Parade 2009 - Advice Needed Please


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I posted this thread in the Open Chat Forum, but I was advised (rightly, I hope) that the response will be better from this section.

I am 90%+ sure that I will make a trip to Germany this year for the Love Parade in Bochum. I am in search for some advice from those who have been to any of the past events.

  • Is the Love Parade a day event or is it longer?
  • When are the dates and lineups “normally” announced?
  • Would you recommend that I fly into Amsterdam, stay for a few days and then take a train to Bochum or is it better to fly into Frankfurt? I am not planning this tour to be a cultural event (as much as I am interested in cultures), and hence, please keep in mind that any feedback should have a bit of a party and self-indulgence focus to it. Distance wise Amsterdam – Bochum is the same as Frankfurt – Bochum, and hence, that is not an issue. I am pretty sure plane tickets will also be very comparable as Frankfurt and Amsterdam are major stops.
  • I have been to Amsterdam on a very short visit when I was in college and one of my friends from Delft University took me to Amsterdam. However, as far as nightlife is concerned, I would be very grateful for some advice. These days I am mainly into the more techy stuff like M.A.N.D.Y., Bookashade, Carl Craig, etc. Which venues are recommended? Please note that I am not looking for highty-flighty, hoochy-gucci, ooh-lala, places. Instead just genuine places where people go to listen to some awesome music and have a great time.
I sincerely thank y’all in advance for the much needed and appreciated feedback.
Unfortunately there won´t be a LP this year. Bochum has massive problems with infrastructure, the "Deutsche Bahn" has a huge project for the train station in july, so most of the visitors could not come via train to the LP.... :(

Some peeps in Berlin invited the organization team of LP to do the LP in Berlin again, but I don´t think that this will happen.

If you missed the LP´s in Berlin - you can´t compare it with Dortmund last year - Berlin has its own flair and most peeps I spoke with said, that they won´t go to a LP that doesn´t take place in Berlin.
That is a bummer. Hopefully, it does take place in Berlin this year. After all that is the birthplace of LP.

This won't happen this year and the forthcoming years as well.
The organiser will put his focus to the next Loveparade in 2010 in Duisburg in the same region.