Love don't let me go!

french house is often brilliant - examples like

- alan braxe & fred falk ("intro")
- superfunk ("luckystar", "back to disco")
- bob sinclair (...)
- cassius ("feeling for you")
- thomas bangalter (--> daft punk)
- dimitri from paris´ sets and mixes
- buffalo bunch
- labels like crydamoure or astralwerks
- martin solveig ("someday")
- le knight club

prove this ;)
well i never thought i'd say this after that god awful sex bomb and horny......but
have you heard mousse t's latest additions
the remix of at night - even better than kid creme's
and 'fire'
now this is proper dirty french house
ooh la-la :x
I have to agree with x-amount on this one, Kid Cremes's masterpiece of a mix wins hands down. It is for me the definitive tune of 2002...
dont get me wrong i reckon that kid creme's remix is blinding and maybe it is the better version.
but its that dreaded overplay syndrome, i've heard that (when it was at its peak), everytime i went out and its was kind of an expected tune.
then when i heard the mousse t version which has that kind of dirty driving bass line behind it. I was well impressed
But as I said I think that kid creme has done some excellent remix's and always has funky bass and great hook's. but you can't deny it got a lot of overplay!! :cry:
since kid creme has produced really fantastic tunes, i wonder if i will catch him sometime spinning? i mean, does he work as a dj at all?
yeah! i seen him in the god awful ministry of sound :rolleyes:
and he was .....ok. i think he's better at producing than actually mixing
he does produce some amazing tunes!! ;)
taffy-boy said:
...god awful ministry of sound...

is m.o.s. really THAT awful?? please explain it for a german m.o.s.-virgin! ;)
so, taffy-boy, let´s check if i know all kid creme - tunes

- kid creme - hypnotising
- kylie minogue - love at first sight (kid creme vocal dub)
- shakedown - at night (kid creme mix)
- Kid Creme pres. The Monkey Boie Rascal - Everybody
- Kid Creme - Austins Groove
- Junior Jack & Kid Creme - Private tools
- Kid Creme - Down And Under
- Thick Dick - Insatiable (Junior Jack vs Kid Creme Remix)

are there any more?
i've been 2 mos twice and each time i hated it. I dont think that it contributes much to the clubbing experience. I don't want to get all 'clubbing snobish', but its got a hell of a lot to do with the atmosphere. It is almost like a tourist attraction, 'I know I'm in London, what shall I do....ooh m.o.s I've heard of that lets go in'.
Now if you want a really good club with a wicked atmosphere in london, then try turnmills or the glasshouse. Much smaller but with a cracking buzz and really up 4 it regulars. There's also hed kandi @ rouge, but i havn't had a chance to check that out .....yet.
Of the top of my head I can't think of any more kid creme tunes, but If I become enlightened I shall inform you ;)
Ministry is too hit and miss nowadays. Sometimes (mostly) you go there and its shite. Really empty and full of the tourists picking up their backpacks from the cloakroom at 5am (which is when i usually turn up)

When its good though, its very good. Defected nights are the pick of the bunch now imo.

I go there after wherever ive been before shuts, like after pacha or turnmills, to bridge the gap between sat night and sunday morning.

Pacha is the best club in London at the moment (for funky house). Hed Kandi (although thats moving back to Rouge), Dusted and Wats-On nights are amazing. The best funky house music and a wicked crowd (harshly and incorrectly labelled as up-there-own-arse).

Turnmills is good, but way too overcrowded, and everywhere you go, is a walkway for people to move around the club (apart from obviously the packed dancefloor), so you're forever having people shifting past you in your way.

Glasshouse is crap. Im sorry, but it is. The worst atmosphere in any club, and (I know this isnt really important, but it rubs off on the place) the security is soooo tight, and there are hardly any dealers, and the place hasnt got the druggy friendliness that you get in most places.

The Cross is a wicked club. Great vibe, usually at least 2 distinct rooms, and great people, and the best chill-out areas in any UK club!!!

Ive seen Kid Creme dj live, He usually plays with Junior Jack back 2 back. Between them theyve got all the best tunes produced, and they add loads of samples, efdfects and acapellas. Its a great night out imo. Ive got a 4 hour set from them at a club in Barcelona, and that is wicked.


Some tunes you missed out on you list were the ones as monkey boie rascal (one of Kid Creme's alter-egos. TBH Not as goos as his normal stuff)

Soul Terror, Apache, tell me, I'm searching etc.

Also a few with Junior Jack pres. Maphia - Chasing (or something)

Theres also Cool House Hustlers tune "Nothing Better" which borrows the bass from his Love at first sight remix and puts a nice build and vocal on it.

He also does a few techno stuff with Psychogene under the name Sharpside. Funky Techno (and everyone else) fans should get a copy of Underworld - Dinosaur Adventure 3d (Sharpside remix) I normaly hate this kind of stuff, but this tunes quite good!!!

Other sharpside stuff includes a tune called wave cruisin

Theres also a brand new Kid Creme re-edit of his At Night remix. Its got a few extra beats in some places, different drops, a better build up and a different vocal at the end.

And theres the 3 b-sides of the different hypnotising releases.

Dont stop my roots (on the illegal beats vol release on Jalepeno recs)

The Stefan noferini destination drums remix of Hypnotising

And recently its been re-released with a "Fashionista" remix, an electro-y affair.

Theres a few other remixes of his tunes, a whackside remix of everybodys and some v rare (an unnecessary!!!) remixes (Mutiny and Subtech, amongst others) of austins groove.
Sorry got to disgree with you here peeps, IMO Ministry absolutely rocks bigtime :D I know what you mean about the tourists, when I first moved down to Fancy London town 3 and a 1/2 years ago, they used to do my head in, half of them didn't know how to behave in a club :eek: But now we end up going down there a couple of times a month. The line-ups are the best in London - Defected, Soul Heaven and Tribalism nights all go right off. It's a good size and layout and pisses right over Turnmills (good music but shite club), Pacha (good music but sometimes the crowd isn't all that) and The Cross (way too overcrowded!)

And where else can you go out dancing til 8/9am on a Sunday morning :p
I think everyone is missing somewhere else - THE END

Check my site then go to the club listings, choose London and The End. You'll see that consistently they have the best djs there week in, week out. Plus having Mr C and Layo & Bushwacka as residents/owners and the AKA bar as well you can't go wrong with a journey there.[/url]
gecko2 said:
I think everyone is missing somewhere else - THE END

Check my site then go to the club listings, choose London and The End. You'll see that consistently they have the best djs there week in, week out. Plus having Mr C and Layo & Bushwacka as residents/owners and the AKA bar as well you can't go wrong with a journey there.[/url]

Yeah you're right there, The End is a wicked dirty dirty club :lol:

I think we are quite spoilt for choice in Fancy London Town, when I first moved down here 3 1/2 years I used to say to people clubbing is much better up north but I can't think of anywhere else in the UK where you can get such diverse DJs in such wicked clubs week after week :)
MoS: I've only been there once to attend a UK Garage & R'n'B night which for me was aaaaawesome and the sound installation just kicked ass (the ones in Switzerland sound like home hi-fi PAs ;o). I liked HOME though, which isn't any more (the hell knows why!!!!). That was really a fantastic club, but I loved Fabric as well (Tnx Lee Burridge to enjoy this fantastic evening with you!!).
To French House: Maybe you don't know, but Mousse T. is NOT a French guy, he's German (with Turkish origin), but his remixes just are off the hook! But I also like the Kid Creme Remix better... i play it and play it and play it and play it

Take care guys and see you in Ibiza 2003!!!!
The End, The Cross (just don't go when a big name is playing as its gets far too busy) and Fabric are my favourite clubs in London.

Although I must say that MOS is good from about from 6am onwards, especially if they have Louie Vega or Tony Humphries playing.