Losing your passport..




Lets say your having a blinder in Ibiza and you don't wanna come home for a couple of days but you are going home that day, what would happen if you lost your passport and then found it a couple of days later?
Would the travel insurance not cover it???

I am going to ask my travel company i think :) :) :)
Hope this helps..........

If your talking about losing your physically passport book while you are there, then you definately need to contact your local consulate or embassy while in Spain..........without a passport and not being a national of spain, there is no way for you to travel!!!! If you are talking about losing your ticket/boarding card for the flight you purchased than you will need to get it reissued and pay a lost ticket fee (anywhere between 30-60GBP) that you will have to take care of at a local travel shop or at the airport desk of whichever airline you flew..........(I work in the airline industry and this stuff happens all the time) Hope this helped :D ;)
We two mates lost their passports a few years ago. (I thought I had lost £250 at the same time - dont ask!) Anyway, they had to visit the consulate where they got a bit of paper with a stamp on it. Lots of hassle at this end when they got back as well. Not worth it! It will cost you.