Looks like School Disco has been banished from Eden!

I actually went there last year for about an hour cause a good friend was working there, it was quite amusing,but there were some very wrong people there........ :eek:
N8 said:
there were some very wrong people there

dont exaggerate!! :eek:


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Good riddance, I just hope they took all the sad losers with them wherever they've gone to.

It actually makes me ashamed to be British with people and a night like that. What must other nations think of us??? :confused:
If it was Naked Twister then fair enough. An that photo's rank :eek: Somebody needs a tan. ;)
Last November, 9th to be exact a few of us went out one night, and to our horror we found out the only club in Hull which played house music had been taken over by School Disco. I've found this photo from the night off School Disco's website from the night, it looked like a right laugh :rolleyes:

tis a Rather laaarge fringe! speaking of cats there's one in our garage eatin ma cats food! cheeky thing!