Looking for work

Ross McMaster

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Hey all!

I am flying solo this Saturday, but staying at a friends appartment (who is a TUI rep) til I find work & accom.

I am really excited but also aprehentious about a few things. I would really appreciate it if somebody could help me.

Will there be much work available late into season? I have years of experience behind bar and with hard sales so i am up for anything.

What would be your advice on where to look for jobs?

Where and how much would it be to accom for the season?

Any advice you could give on a complete newbie, but with bags of personality, confidence and great work ethic, would be very much appreciated! :)

Cheers x


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Are you basing yourself/your search in San Antonio, or anywhere on the island? I dont have anything that useful to say, but the way you come across, i would expect you will make it happen. Remember that excitement and nervousness are actually just two sides of the same coin!