Looking for guys and girls to cher a xilla from june till oc



Hi everyone,

My name is a Olav , im from holland. Im gonna work at ibiza from june until october. I can rent a villa for 4 persons, so im looking for three other to cher with. Staying at the villa will cost all of us 500 to 600 euro a month. Si if you're interested let me know.

needing a place to stay.

:D Hi, I'm Matt from Leeds England, going over also on the 2nd of June to look for work and a place to stay. Are you sorted out with work already. Do you know of a place to stay, where abouts is it? My plan is to stay till end of september if i find a job in a bar. Get in touch if you'd like to meet.
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im darek from poland, also plannning to go 2 ibiza at the beginning of june ( hope at the very beginning , depends of the exams @ uni) and look for the apartment to rent @ share as well, so let me know if you still need people to share the house, just let me know macc@tlen.pl
Sharing Accom

Hi, im Jamie, headin' out to Ibiza at the very start of june, so would be wel up for sharing the villa with you and some others. Let me know what you think soon. P.S. Wherebouts is it?
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me and my friend will go to ibiza at the beginnig of july and we´ll stay till the end of september. we would like to live in or near ibiza city, so if your villa is near ibiza we are interested to share it with you, provided that you need s.o.
we are two german girls at the age of 19 and 21.
perhaps you can alsl give us some tips how to find an appatrment.
pleas answer quickly