looking for flate mates


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Hi, my name is Anna, I am 19 y.o. swedish girl. I am thinking to go to Ibiza in July for 2-3 weeks and I am looking for easy going people, who like to go out and have a good time, to share an appartment with.


I am not worried at all. I am just following your advice and trying to meet some people who have the same problem as me, i.e. find a place to stay.
:D Hello Anna im going to ibiza on me own to sell my goods on the market id love to stay with you but my girlfriend wouldnt like it, she knows she can trust me but you could bu a beautiful sex starved goddess not able to resist me so sorry wont work but im sure i'll see you out there, look for kalooki.
have a great time out there

Hello everyone!!! I have already found a place to stay. But it doesn´t meen that we can´t meet up on the island.

See you!!!

No place :( but can meet :)

HEY ANNA. me a few lads are out there on the 22nd june to the 6th of july. unfortunatly theres no space for ya to stay :( but we could meet up for a few drinks if ya wanted. get bak to me, danny xxxxx