Looking for a Villa (10 day Stay)


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Im looking for a Villa in the Playa den bossa/ San Antonio area, preferabley within walking distance as a car will not be in reach. Its for 8 people on a 10 day trip in Late June or July, not too bothered. All the people are lads so a family orientated villa may not be the best choice.
This will be the third time in Ibiza staying at the Palladium Palace once, and Hotel Bossa Park the other :oops:.
I am keen on a good view either out to sea and the villa being a little secluded as maybe a little noisy. (Not too many preferences then). The maximum price willing to be spent is £310 (per person) total around 2500 maximum.

This link below is pretty much a PRIME example of what im looking for, but I want to see if there is anything else available.


Thanks, thanks thanks for the help.