Looking for a Tune played at BORA BORA almost daily.....



Party People:

Just got back from the isle and already miss it. there were a few tunes played there, that I absolutely must have, and no one has been able to tell me what they are called. I will describe them the best I can, and maybe, someone who heard it or was there, can tell me what they are.

1. No clue on name, but played by BORA BORA DJ almost daily. I would call it funky to hard house, there is a female voice singing the same thing over and over, therefore it is very specific. Goes something like this: (High pitched female voice) "OhhhhahhhohhhhahhhMaaaahwahhhaaww", and then it kicks into some serious house base and drum beats. Then the female voice repeats it over and over.
If anyone was at Space this wknd for LOTTIE, the Dj who played right after her on the terrace, he played it as his first song.
I am sure someone out there knows this cut, its mind-blowing.
PS. this is not Shmuel Flash, that song is trance. This is a Funky House cut!

2. Anyone know of any tunes that LOTTIE plays, mainly funky house?? Needless to say, her set @ Space blew me away, and I would like to get some of those cuts. One that people were digging to, was a vocal cut, and the main riff sounded like it was winding up, and then it dropped. Then the riff was played over and over. With so many people digging to it, someone out there must know what this cut is.

Dont know if its the one your thinking of, but on sashas birthday (sep 1st), during the day, when lottie might of been on, someone dropped the Kid Creme remix of "Shakdown - at night", but with repeated "sometimes i feel like throwing my hands up in the air. I know I can count on you" vocal instead of the usual one.

I dont really need to explain further. Do I?
found name of track...


thanks for the reply bro, but that was not the track. I did find it though, looked on the net all day, and I got it!

Just in case anyone wants to hear a PHAT track, from this summer, and yes it is better than a lot of the tracks on any MOS compilation, than find this track:


Get it, and turn it up as loud as possible, and then imagine yourself on BORA BORA on a table, dancing with 100 other happy people, and think about just how fun IBIZA is. Brings back nothing but great memories.

I got back yesterday, and I already miss it. Cant wait till next year.

Another Bora Bora track request

Where were you guys anyway? I probably chatted to some of you without realising it as spend most of the past two weeks there!

Anyway, the other day they played this mad electro type track with some wasted guy saying (or what sounded like, but I was recovering from Pin Up) "One for Joey, two for......................damn" and then loads of "one for, two for...."

It'a lot better than my description implies anyway!
hey I thought u were just going to chill on bora bora, doesnt sound like it

lol... obviously u haven't been to Bora Bora yet, have u?
(especially in the evening early hours)