Looking for a high priestess


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We are looking for a high priest or priestess to perform a pagan wedding on June 21st 09 (solstice), on benniras beach... We got married last june but only for a year n a day, so we are looking to renew our vows, for eternity this time... if any1 can help pls reply
If you go down to Benniras Beach any Sunday at sunset, you will usually find a High Priestess there.

Shes an older lady with grey hair.......I cannot remember her name, but she is usually about.
thank you
yeah we usually go down there on a sunday but just wanted to make a few enquiries before we fly out there...
will keep en eye out for her x
You're welcome. Ask any of the hippy "Family" that are there, they wil put you in touch with her.

Hope you have a good day, and best of luck.