Long weekend in Glasgow for Morillo!

the kunt deserves 22 years...

for crimes against music
for crimes against DJ-ing
for crimes against radio broadcasting
LMFAO!!!! :lol::lol::lol:

can you add another 10years for being an arrogant cry baby???
never seen ANYONE as painful & hideous as this man off the decks ......!

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Top DJ Erick Morillo misses Scots gig
after drugs smuggling arrest
Dec 23 2008 By John Ferguson

A WORLD famous DJ missed a Scots gig after he was arrested
on cocaine smuggling allegations.

Colombian-American Erick Morillo, 37, was held by customs officers
at Glasgow Airport as he got off a flight from Amsterdam on Saturday.
The house music legend - who is releasing a track in the New Year called I Get Lifted -
was jetting in to headline the s23-a-ticket Colours night at The Arches.
Thousands of disappointed fans were told his plane had been cancelled
and offered their money back after he failed to show up for the gig.

But Morillo had really spent the evening in a police station.

At Paisley Sheriff Court yesterday, he pled not guilty to smuggling drugs.
He was released on bail on condition he flies back to Scotland for a trial date in March.

Morillo has topped the charts worldwide as the producer behind Reel 2 Real.
His hits include I Like To Move It and Raise Your Hands.
When he isn't partying at home in Miami with close pals Puff Daddy,
Naomi Campbell and Boy George, Morillo travels the world DJing in top night clubs.
In a recent interview, he said: "I'm a workaholic.
Sometimes I'll be in the studio 24/7.

"When it comes to enjoying myself,
I can keep up with the best of them."

A spokesman for HM Revenue and Customs said last night:
"We can confirm that a man was detained at Glasgow Airport
after arriving on a flight from Moscow via Amsterdam.
He was found to have what appeared to be drugs in his possession."
A police spokeswoman added:
"A 37-year-old man was detained on Saturday in relation to drugs offences."

More than 2500 clubbers turned up at The Arches on Saturday
to be told of the cancellation.
They were offered a full refund if they didn't want to see the other DJs on the night.

Colours DJ and website boss Giovanni Ferri initially blamed Morillo's airline
for the fiasco.
He wrote: "His flight got cancelled unfortunately.
"We're just as gutted, we didn't find out until about nine o'clock."

Later, a statement from the promoters said:
"If you chose to take a full refund and did not come in on Saturday,
please take your ticket back to point of purchase to receive a full refund.
"If you bought it online, please contact the online company
you bought the tickets from to get an address to return the ticket to.

"Saturday was still a good night all things considered, and we would like to thank
everyone who came in for their support after what was a huge disappointment
for both you guys and the Colours team too."

Earlier this year, The Arches was threatened with closure
after police busted a gay orgy.
Up to 30 men in "various states of undress"
were having sex in a cordoned-off area.
Some mistook the police for strippers and carried on.

Erick Morillo charged with possession!
Created On December 23rd, 2008 by Richierich5381

No, I’m not talking about an unlicensed amount of cool
and a criminally large entourage of Pacha girlies.

The Subliminal Records head honcho landed himself in much hotter water
on the weekend when getting off a flight from Amsterdam to Glasgow.
Detained by customs, Erick Morillo was charged with attempting to smuggle drugs
into the UK and released on bail with a trial date set for March next year.
Spare a thought for the guy who had to announce that Morillo was a no show
for a his gig that evening at The Arches.
Fancy telling 2,500 Scots that the headliner isn’t coming?
No thanks.

Whatever the real story is here, UK tabloids have been quick to jump all over it,
heavy-handedly referring to Erick Morillo as Columbian-American
and even highlighting the fact that I Like to Move It ( as Reel to Reel)
was used inthe children’s movie Madagascar 2! Pretty impressive,
but the spurious link of the day has to go hands down to the Daily Record
for the following ripper:

“Earlier this year, The Arches was threatened with closure
after police busted a gay orgy. Up to 30 men in ‘various states of undress’
were having sex in a cordoned-off area.
Some mistook the police for strippers and carried on.”
Now that’s what ITM calls journalism.

Our mate Erick’s just glad he wasn’t flying into Dubai…