Lone M in San Antonio next July 9th through 12th



Hey I am just wondering if anybody will be in Ibiza during that time I could hang out with and party hard with. I will be staying in a hotel in San Antonio, so if any ladies need a place to stay.
Ibiza summer 04

Hi, I'm planning to go to Ibiza this summer and I'm all by myself. I don't have any specifics dates, as long as Tiesto will be there at that time. Maybe I can join you. That would be less expensive and much more fun to party with someone else than alone. Write me back if you're still going!
I am definetely still going

Yeah that would be sweet. It would be good to have someone to go out with and just have a good time. I am definetly going. I already have my plane tickets and I will be there the 9th through 12th of July. It would be good to save some money as well.
@ oriole00 and beachfever: hey, i´ma going in the beggining of july and probably staying for 3 weeks. I´m also going alone. I already have a place to stay which is a bit far from either San An or Ibiza town, but i´ll probably have a car available. If you guys want to team up, contact me.