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Hey ppl :D

Am goin to London next month for a weekend of clubbin and basically an escape from the shitty life i'm currently leading here in Ireland

Would really appreciate some advice on what to do and where to go as its only my second time (last time ended up in Malibu Staceys..was only average)

Cheers... 8)
Got to go to Fabric

Saturdays, tech-house, etc
Fridays, d n b, breaks.

Also, if you're around on the 2nd November, I really recommend TidyLondon

It's hard-house, but even if you're not a big listener, you'll find the energy, venue and people will take you away...

Other than that, there's The End and some very good venues in Brixton. See for a good run down of locations and events.

Lastly, there's always a few squat parties around. Check out and the forums at Also see their rave links here:

Good luck.
The thing about London is there is sooooooooooo much to do so you're basically spoilt for choice and it all depends on what you're into. Barbie's wkends are something like this..............

Fridays there's nowhere really that I have to go to now, used to go to Turnmills all the time but haven't been there on a Friday night for a year now but if you like trancey/proggy stuff I think it's still rammed. Pacha London has unfortunately given over it's Friday nights to School Disco :rolleyes: :evil: which is a damn shame cos they had some brilliant line-ups over the summer - Erick, Morales, Richard F................

Saturdays I might go to Turnmills esp for City Loud, that's the 3rd Saturday of each month but Metro Groove and Roach are also good.

Also Pacha London has really sorted it's act out now on Saturday nights and have got some decent line-ups now.

The End is always a good night, look out for Darren Emerson's Underwater nights.

The Cross is also pretty good, really nice club and dressed up crowd, check the listings as it's different every wk - one wk is Renaissance, one wk Serious, one Type and I can't remember the other.

Sometimes I'll even venture to Ministry if the line-up is right, Louie Vega plays down there down now and again, the next time he's there is the 23rd November and his 5/6 hour sets there are legendary.

It basically depends what you're into, all my suggestions are more on a funky tip but whatever you're into I'm sure you'll find it in London.
It depends what your into. There's something for everyone in London. I suggest buying the Evening Standard on Thursday (if your arriving on Thursday that is) which has a listings guide in the supplement and you can make your mind up then.
hello yvonne. what happened regarding the london meet? i was kinda expecting to see you after you rang 2 hours before to confirm.