London - Tube parties


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Sounds like a real hoot to me.

Party on the circle line!!

Complete with tunes/ bongos/ all the fun of a club, going round the circle line. How mad is that? The police didn't even chuck em off!!
I occasionally work at High Street Kensington tube station. For years now this drinking game- not read mixmag yet but i presume that you get off at each stop, find a pub, drink, get back on tube till next stop etc-has been popular, especially (no surprise here) with Aussies. Sometimes they even have t=shrts made up specially. that is VERY sad.

Typical of Mixmag to 'discover' something years after it has become popular :eek:
No what it is, is that a load of nutters get on the Circle line (cos it never ends) with stereo and all that and start raving on the train :eek: :p

The kids of today eh :p ;)
Oh, right.

Lock um up or put um in the army, that's the best idea
Yeah, I read the website advertising this years one a couple of months back - at first I thought it was a wind up but there were pics posted from one they did previously.

Apparantly peeps turn up with suitcases that can be opened up to provide various party props. i.e suitcase opening up with optics inside to use as a bar, another with lights, decorations etc, one with the sound, one with a buffet - stuff like that :confused:

Quite a cool thing about the organising of whole thing was that they even produced a map/ timetable thing so that if you needed to get off the train where the party was on to go to the toilet (obviously didn't have a suitcase that opened up into one!) then you could work out the best connections to get you back to the party in minimal time...

This is the first I've heard of since reading the site so I guess they must have pulled it off.

Strange and it would be annoying but kinda cool too 8)