LONDON MEET @ Fabric 12/10/02 final info!


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Right. For those of you who live in London, a few of us have agreed to meet up and go out to Fabric on the 12th October.

The date has now been set, so we just need to organise a meeting place and time.

To keep things simple, can we all meet at the pub right by Farringdon tube station? I think it's called The Castle, but it's the first pub on the left as you come out of the station.

It's on the corner of Cowcross Street (the one the tube station is on) and Turnmills Street (which runs back behind the station).

There's a map here:,51

If we agree to meet from 9pm onwards, we can all head up to Fabric (just around the corner) at about 11-11.30pm.

Can anyone who's still interested please send a pm to me and we can organise to get you all a phone number in case of emergency.

Once again, the line up for the 12th is:

12th Oct

Room 1
Craig Richards
Jeff Milligan (Algorithm)
Luomo (Live)

Room 2
Terry Francis
Nathan Coles
Eddie Richards

Room 3
Amalgamation of Soundz

And those who have expressed an interest to date are: young_nic, 879_dancin, Ems21, YvonneH, Russ100, Tiesto_fan, Barbie, BARTONIOUS and, obviously Rustywoo and myself.

If you are new to the site, or have just missed this arrangement, please feel free to come along. There's no commitment, just a chance to meet the people behind the posts and chat about all things Ibiza.
Well, the experience will be the people for me on that night. But thank you for the post.

I saw your previous one, but couldn't find the place. I'd definately be interested in a visit soon though, just not the 12th (now everything is sorted).

I'm in Tooting, so it'd be quite convenient, although I'm planning to take a mental and financial break soon.

I'll be in touch anyway.

Just a couple of questions:

Where are you based by the way?

How are you involved?

Can you get some flyers to me and I'll pass them to the others on the 12th?

I suppose you'll be missing the meeting @ Fabric then?

Best wishes,

It's like going to Ibiza all over again. Well not quite but you may as well see through the winter ready for next summer in the world's best city for clubbing.
Can everyone please be aware that tube trains are not stopping between Farringdon and Baker Street at weekends.

Therefore, you will not be able to reach Farringdon from the Baker Street direction.

Probably best to get to Moorgate and change there. Otherwise, call LU for information (02072221234).
you know i am living in ibiza, but i was living in london for some months last winter.
i had the horrible bad luck to get with trance people, so we just went to trance places (mostly hackney wick), so i never got to house places.
i heard many things about fabric... is it ibiza style? because i dont know any of the djs...

Fabric is similar to Ibiza clubs in terms of the size of the club and the great sound system but differs in terms of music. Fabric as a venue and musical style is more dark and underground. The DJs aren't booked because of how succesful they are but because of the tunes they play. Doc Martin always does it for me everytime at Fabric!
I can only say:

it's big, yet with a small club feel
no hassle at the door
few rules
and some great, no-nonsense DJs who know the place, the crowd and play for the mix rather than the attraction of big tune anthems.

Personally, despite all my attacks on big clubs, Fabric is still alright by me.

They have resisted the temptation to grow and market, in favour of concentrating on the quality of night.

Their Friday, drum n bass/ breaks nights are held in very high regard too.

Oh, and they have the speakers in the dance floor of course, which can just grab you and make you focus on the music.

Long may they continue (as they are) and hopefully set the standard for modern clubbing in the future.
Guys/ girls,

I hope you have a wicked nite, would luv to be joining you for a mad nite, but distance prevails.

It would be great if someone takes a camera along and those of us who can't make it can see what a cracking nite you all had.

We are in the big smoke @ the end of November, so if it's a success, and you guys decide to meet up again, it would be good to join in the fun.

Have a good one

Be Happy
Unfortunalty, I just can't afford the trip from bonnie Dundee all the way to London :(

Oh well, got Digweed @ The Arches on Saturday instead which should be fun considering this recent Essential Mix was fan-f***ing-tastic!!

Hope everyone has a good night, disappointed I can't be there...but there's always next time! ;)
Cheers for that Rusty!

This is the information on this weekend from LUL:

On the CENTRAL LINE, all weekend, no service between North Acton and Marble Arch.
Two replacement bus services will operate as follows:
SERVICE A: Between North Acton and Willesden Junction (for Bakerloo/Silverlink passengers). This is the express route for passengers travelling between the western branches and the central area.
SERVICE B: Between North Acton and Marble Arch calling at all intermediate stations.
Passengers travelling from Central London to North Acton and beyond, should leave the Central Line at Oxford Circus and take the Bakerloo Line to Willesden Junction and change there to the Rail Replacement Bus Service A to complete their journeys.
BAKER STREET STATION: All weekend, trains on the Bakerloo and Jubilee lines will not stop, due to escalator refurbishment work.
Last thing!

If anyone has a digital camera, perhaps they could bring it so we can give everyone an insight into:

a) how ugly we all are

b) how dark fabric is

and give Eivissafan a run for his money ;)