london-ibiza direct (winter 2004)


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on a plane.

an accord has been signed between authorities in ibiza and gb air to run a plane direct from london to ibiza 5 times a week during the may to october period next year, and then twice a week through the winter.

the island side of the bargain is to provide money to publicise the wonderful 'winters' here and to persuade good class hotels to remain open for passengers on the new flights.

there certainly seems to be more of a move to motivate people to come here in the winter this year and attempts are being made to get direct flights to other european capitals.

meanwhile the san antonio hotel asscociation has put 5000 places at the disposal of a big travel company who hope to sell these beds throughout the winter period. despite it's reputation of booze booze booze in the sunset strip and west end areas, san antonio still is an ideal place for winter tourists more interested in sports, hiking, cycling, dining out and so on.

let's hope things really start to move this winter as the island is at its best in these months.
until 9/11 there was always a weekly charter from london to ibiza all through the winter..................
oh yes, the ibiza people turn into wolf-men and women
in winter, and we eat all the turists that plan to come
here from uk !
come on ...
i'll cross my fingers and hope that decision of the turism
in winter doesnt work. the summer season is enough
for the island, having that number of people all year long
here would change the island forever.
unfortuately technoboy both you and me wouldn't be living here in ibiza as we do now if it wasn't for tourism!

however the type of tourist the island would attract in winter time is vastly different from the summer package tourist!

i am very proud of this little island and i really want people to see how beautiful it is in winter and so different from summer.
Now lets hope they get the go ahead for a golf course on the west coast and soon ibiza will be full of minted people playing golf and emptying their fat cat wallets.
more on this flight situation.

GB Airways.

A deal has been struck by the Consell Island Government with GB Airways to operate 5 flights directly to & from the London to Ibiza from the 15th May until the end of October & then continuing offering 2 flights a week all winter.

In return for offering this service, certain 4 & 5 star hotels have agreed to stay open next winter to accommodate visitors using the GB flights.

The Consell Island Government, as their part of the bargain, is going to spend 120.000€ on financing a publicity campaign for the GB flight at travel agents in the UK, at trade fairs & in other forms of media such as in underground stations & on buses.

The Consell Island Government & GB Airways will take advantage of the up & coming “World Travel Market” to announce the initiation of this new all year round flight service between the UK & Ibiza which everyone is hoping will help extend the tourist season on the island in 2004.