London and Amsterdam Questions



hello out there-

I am planning a trip with two friends during the last three weeks of June. We planning on spending a few days in London and amsterdam and then heading to Ibiza for two weeks. I am looking for cool clubs or events to attend in London and Amsterdam. I have never been to neither. Any suggested web sites or clubs? thanks.
In London clubs worth checking out are Ministry, Pacha, The End, Turnmills, The Cross...............It depends what kind of music you're into but whatever takes your fancy you'll find it in London.

Listings won't be out yet for June but try the individual clubs websites closer to the time.
For London,

Turnmills is class (Fridays)

Also love Fabric.

dunno about Amsterdam, been before but never remember where the hell I am even at the time!
checked these out

these should help i used the amsterdam guide last year very good.
then the relavant pages

time out amsteram

you can also get time out pocket guides, for about £12.99
Thanks for the tips everyone. I will check out those websites.
Just got back from Amsterdam this was insane....Go to Escape for sure it's beautiful and they're the only ones that werent' dicks about being a member or being invited.......

also try paradiso,melkveg,sinners in heaven, and ministry