London advice


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Heading to London from the 30th to 4 May, anybody got any clubbing suggestions? Has anyone been to a night called Blame it on Berlin and is it any good? Would also be interested to hear about THAT, sounds interesting but a tad pretentious from what I've read. Usually just end up going to Ministry when I'm over but the lineup for that weekend isn't really appealing and it would be nice to try somewhere different too. Ta!
thats bank holiday so will be loads of parties going on. Think SecretSundaze opening party is that sunday afternoon at the House & Terrace. Good night at Fabric that night and the saturday. Depends what music u into. There will be lots of smaller parties happening around that could be worth a look. check n look at the calender
Thinking Secretsundaze might be a good one, just uncertain about getting tickets for something outdoor in case it's pissing with rain! Also a bit of a hassle getting away from Greenwich in the middle of the night. Nothing really appealing to me in Fabric that weekend, but Matter have a few good nights, then there's Ben Watt at the Arches and Ketoloco, tooooo much choice!