Location of the Es Retiro Apartments



Hey guys,

Can anyone help me out, I am desperate to know the exact location of the Es Retiro apartments. I have checked the forum and I know they have been briefly mentioned on here before, but when I try and locate them on the map - it won't let me :(

I would be extremley grateful if someone could give me this info as I am on the verge of booking it for this Sept, but I don't want to be in a dodgy location or above shops etc.

Cheers :D
I have been to Ibiza quite a few times before, do you know what they are near? Are they in the west end?

Thanks x
hehe i know,im sooo helpful ;)

do u know where the ship inn is? by the square?
or the hotel tropical?
Not really but if it's in or very close to the westend then I'm not booking it!

Are the aparment near the westend? Or are they towards the Bella Ibiza apartments.....near Fatso's?

Sorry to be a pain!
hmm i think i know where fatso's is.....and if its where im thinking of they're not by there
dont worry ya not a pain ;)

there not in the westend but id say its a 4/5 minute walk there,so not far