Living and working (not bar/club etc) in Ibiza


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This may seem like a weird question but here goes.
I was wondering if you wanted to move to Ibiza and live long term (5 years+) what jobs are there other that bar/club work etc?
You know, something you could do all year round thats a bit more secure.

If anyone has lived out there for a while (or still is) could you just give me a general idea about what you do. Is there a good British community out there?

Thank you in advance.
ed you are 20.

why would you want to live here when for 40 weeks a year there are no clubs etc?

give me a good answer and i'll think about giving you some advice......
Stephen there are far too many answers to that one
England is very dull and depressing.
What can you do in England that you can't do in Ibiza in the winter.
There are clubs open all the time in ibiza only not as many as summer.
I'd say the downfalls of being there would be, there is a lack of career opurtunities and good money.
The last two only promise to make you happy but rarely do.
Sorry Stephen - reading my question again I see what your saying.

I was actually asking with a long term goal in mind.

When I said that I would like to live in Ibiza a meant in the future (have to learn Spanish first for starters) but I was wondering what it was like for the British people who do live there and what path of work they all follow.

Being 20 at the moment I love bars/clubs etc and wouldn't mind running one if I was ever in a position to do so. However, i just wondered what else you could do work wise aside from the nightlife industry.

Would really appreciate any experiences/advice you could share with me.
Thank you.