Liverpool - recommendations?


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On a stag do at the weekend up there - any recommendations for bars etc?

Will be mob-handed but a couple of places that one or two if us sober-ish chaps might sneak off to perhaps?
easy. casey's bar, kirklands and (ahem) maxwell's plum - gerrin before 10 for last orders and then up to tuxedo junction (don't forget your shirt and tie)
The bars down beside the docks are cracking, Baby Cream was shut when we were there due to a licence problem so dont know if that opened again?. Garlands if you fancy a decent club.

Make sure you do the Magical Mystery Coach Tour if you want break from it all. Brilliant!
Baby Cream is indeed reopened after sorting its license mistake out (it was nothing sinister). That or Circo are probably the best down that way, Blue is too full of middle aged tourists having a sit down and a chat, and Baby Blue is always dead.
Tuxedo Junction......bloody hell that brings back some memories (that was the posh club that I think was eventually swallowed up by Nation which ran the original Cream night).

Some other recommended pubs The Navy Bar, Pink, The G Bar, Superstar Bouidwar (sp) all in the Gay Quarter)

Other recommendation would be Kingdom, Alma de Cuba, or why not try a bottle of Moet at the New Champu bar.
Alma de cuba is lovely. St Thomas hotel for a civilised drink. Garlands was brill for house tuneage & a friendly crowd.

And yes, albert dock, baby cream etc.
not been a face :)lol:) in liverpool for 10 years now, so don't really know what to recommend.

alma de cuba is a pretty spectacular venue, especially the altar area.

mathew street is a must do/see for stag groups. lots of options spread over a small area, likewise concert square, though i couldn't believe how much it had changed the last time i saw it.

think some places are funny about letting people in with trainers (which is a problem if you don't own a pair of shoes), so it might be the dreaded and "shirt and shoes" dresscode buckers!!
I went to uni in Liverpool! Loved Concert Square at the time, but would hesitate to recommend anywhere as I haven't been since 2004 and it was a cheesy time to say the least! :(

Fantastic city though! Is Circus still going? Garlands was good for funky house! Can I give the Raz a go again?