live audio streaming


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hi, i was just wondering if anyone one does any live streaming of their mixes or anything?. and was curiou sof how you do it, i have windows encoder 9, and i have a sever, i know how to link everything up and all, eg, line into the mixer, but i wanted to, for example give an address out to a few people to listen, and if anyone could offer any information at all. even a tutorial. anythin would be great

Shoutcast is your best bet. All you need is winamp and the shoutcast plugin/server. You run the shoutcast server on your web server (or you own comp if u wanna broadcast just using ur own connection) and the plugin on winamp. Set it to use 'line in' so you can plug ur mixer into ur pc. Its pretty simple to use and there's plenty of faq's etc on the website:

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