Live Acts ???



With summer upon us, now is probably the best time to check out some live dance acts.

Who is the best live act you've seen and who would you consider to be unmissable?

I've seen Faithless who weren't bad but I haven't seen many and usually prefer to see a DJ.
BT Live :D best live act I've seen.

The Streets were amazing at Homelands too.

Basement Jaxx are pretty good, Faithless, Orbital, The Prodigy as well. The problem with live acts is that you tend to get them at festivals at say 9pm at night when I'd rather see a DJ.
At least you've got the option - we haven't got one dance festival this year on the emerald isle. Boo hoo.
yeah id love to see faithless basement jax and the chemical brothers also i think laylo and bushwacker would kick ass in a live act
I saw Chicane at Creamfields a few years back and loved them live (nothing to do with the fact that I had just come up honest ;) )
Madonna @ The Bercy, Paris 2001
Royksopp @ Big Chill 2002
Cinematic Orchestra @ Big Chill 2002
Moloko @ Renaissance Live, Privilege 2000
and Kathy Brown's live PA at the Azuli party @ Pacha 1999 (if that counts)
I'm going to see Infusion this weekend @ Centro-Fly.... Haven't seen them beofre... Anyone heard them live...
Saw the Chemical Brothers @ Woodstock a few years back... Don't really remember much of it though.... kinda wasted that whole weekend....
faithless at v99 blew me away saw them again couple years later and still just as good
chemicals were equally good at v2002 seen royksopp stereo mc's,kosheen,groove armada, all good live
Moby @ Homelands Scotland (i think 2001)
Basement Jaxx @ T in the Park (2000 or 2001)
New Order @ Glasgow Barrowlands (2002)
Daft Punk @ Glasgow Barrowlands (1997)

i think those years are right :D