Links to tracks I asked 2 be id'd :)


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this is tune i was sayin ive heard marco v play alot
(starts 50 seconds into the file)


here's another one from the same mix i like....sounds like ferry corsten (starts at around 15s)


and the award winning G#G#G#G#G#G# GGGGGG AAAAAAAAAAAA request hehe :rolleyes: i'm sure this is a much better description
(starts at around 15s)

I should have just done this in the 1st place!! hope this helps :D

no1. I think its called 'maketo - can you feel it.' or something like that. I have it so i'll check in a min. Cant be rsed to get off my bum at the mo cos got some dodgy illness!

no.2 This links to the same file!

no.3 This links to the same file!
cheers!! i messed up all the links and things! ill fix it soon to see if u know the rest!

thanks again