Lido Fiesta Apartments in Figueretas?

Nice one keifer, both of them are very close by each other, I was going to stay at Rialto, but the travel agent said her friends had stayed at Lido and got on great there. Plus if your staying for a fortnight its about 60 euro cheaper.

Are there many of you heading over, at the moment its myself and the girlfriend, but a few others might join up with us closer to the date.
Although looking at the reviews from the website you posted up, the Rialto has gotten the better reviews.

Hey Steve, at the moment its myself and gf as deffos and 2other couples are maybes. can't make up their minds. This year is my 3rd and gf's 2nd on the island and we are going crazy waiting. Going to see Sasha in RedBox on friday night as a little taster. We'll have to hook up over there, what d'ya think?
ya definitely boy, Im gonna try and switch apartments today cos the rialto seems a lot better.

Look forward to seeing ya.

Enjoy Sasha.