lets forget about bad things......if you could be a disney



lets forget about bad things.....if you could be a disney character which one would you be??

wait!!!!! :!: :!: :!: :!:

there's rules :rolleyes:

1. 1st disney characters claimed cannot be claimed again

2. NO, and i repeat no Warner bros or any other cartoon characters

3. Finally, anyone who abuses the fellow disney characters will be locked away in a castle far, far away awaiting the kiss of their one true love

so 4 some of us that could be a long, long time (or at least until space's opening party!! te, he :) )

right the poll's are open starting with me.........
BALOO the BEAR :D look for the ..
right on....let's forget about bad things


I know this isn't a Disney character, but I have always wanted to be Sheena, Queen of the jungle. Do you remember that movie?

I guess the closest Disney character to her would be...hmm....I don't know, maybe you could say Cinderella, because she had a way with animals too. I guess Cinderella would have to be the Disney character I would want to be, except instead of going to a fancy ball, I would be going to Ibiza! :lol:
I'd rather be some Warner Bros. character. They're funnier and harsher. But as everyone have to choose from Disney, I'd be Pluto.
I think I would be Ariel from the Little Mermaid, she was a mermaid and I like the water!!!

Boy this is creepy....I worked at Disney Canada for almost 3 years...this thought never crossed my mind once.

If I were to be any Disney character! GOOFY it would be!
Yeah this is pretty funny topic...kinda out of the blue. Baloo was definitely a good choice, very laid back and chill, but I'm going to have to say Simba from the Lion King. Now I just need to find my Nala.

glad 2 c that everyone is getting involved, people are going to be getting very desperate for good characters soon. B4 we know it there'll be evil step sisters and wicked witches :lol: :lol:
gecko2 said:
piglet out of winny the pooh

I'm PIGLET and I can fly!


my daughter waited for 20 years for me to take her to disney - I never would and she finally went in her 21st year without me - if you cannot arrange your own time without a strict timetable why bother to live?
I have you all beat! If I could be any Disney character, I would be Kuzco from Emperor's New Groove! What other character gets to turn into a Llama and still be cocky? Plus he had great spitting capabilities!
lol, Someones throwing things! :lol: Pacha would be cool too! Hes huge and knows his way around the forest.. No one messes with Pacha!