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Well then a week of heaven and hell!

Starting with the hotel, the Paraiso must be applauded for their strict policy with the credit cards that only let residents into the hotel. The midnight curfew isn't too bad and as the security guard told us "this is not a zoo, we are not animals" (i'd probably disagree with the last part!)

Food as ever was a struggle each day but Mambo's new no choice menu left a lot to be desired and i think it showed by the numbers eating there. The thai at Kanya was possibly the best meal although the famous Kasbah burger ran it a close second! In the end most food came from Paco's next to the hotel.

Anyway clubbing...........

First night straight to Eden to meet our mate and do a bit of networking to get us free into eden and es paradis all week (we saved a fortune on this and the free drinks vouchers that ended up landing in our laps wink wink nudge nudge)

Garage Heaven was pretty dead with more on the guest list than in the main arena, but saying that Mickey Finn tore up the set to a well up for it crowd in the drum and bass back room!

Night two and................... we got pissed in the west end!!!! hahahahaha
first time in four years and we had a whale of a time! Ended up at play2 to see Howard Donald (ex take that) which was very funny watching him get moodier and moodier as people kept taking his photo!

Night three....... don't remember think i fell asleep and didn't wake up in time to go out!

Retro at Eden again....... i remember reading eden's response to the water debate and their comment that no one has died in the club. I witnessed 2 seperate occasions of young girls (by young i mean 18) who were solely drinking (no british scum druggies in edens words) carried and physically drooped from a height out of the fire exit, returning bouncers found it all very funny! So no problems for eden cause they chuck anyone worse for the wear out before they found out if they are going to be alright!

Anyway the music in the main arena was alright although paul taylors policy of playing remixes of classics ( i mean dancing divas remix of where love lives ) rather than the original started to grate after a while.
Room two though was superb with the Hed Kandi crew creating the best atmosphere of the holiday!

the rest of the holiday turned into chilling at santa eulalia for the jet skis and go karts and bora bora for a bit of sun.

Last night choices of Space, Judgement Sundays or Deja Vu

sasha's birthday lost at the first hurdle due to the numbers that would have been there and us getting up too late to make any use of the day. I'd rather chew my leg off than see Judge Jules, so Deja Vu won the day and was brilliant! Frenzic on the last set managed to keep the crowd going at full pelt and even if Charlie B behind the bar at the after party was a scary sight it was probably the best night of the holiday until.............

my mate got robbed on the way back to the hotel, i know the conclusion that everyone will jump to but he hadn't been drinking and steered clear of anythin else on the evening.

The culprit................. Spanish

The Heroes........... The lookie lookie men who shouted to him when he was getting pickpocketed!

The biggest waste of space........ the guardia civil who when they had the thief pointed out refused to do anything!

All in all a real dampener to the holiday and considering the rip off that most of the clubs were the ponciness of most of the VIPs and the lack of anything fresh and undiscovered (and don't tell me we didn't try as we had a jeep for the whole week and covered most of the island) means that after 4 years in a row my Ibiza bug is cured and i'll be looking for something different next year!

I don't want the new ibiza, i don't even want the old one. I'd just like somewhere that has a good time without being incredibly anal about it all.

Still laters all!
Thanks for the honesty of the review. Nice to see you kept your eyes open and didn't get swallowed up with the hype.

I assume it was a good break though and worth doing?
S4racen said:
The culprit................. Spanish

The Heroes........... The lookie lookie men who shouted to him when he was getting pickpocketed!

The biggest waste of space........ the guardia civil who when they had the thief pointed out refused to do anything!

I think a decent amount of the looky looky men are sound if you give them respect, I've never had any problems with them. Some Spanish guy tried to pick-pocket me an all, but I sensed what he was doing and pushed him away. Wasn't so lucky last year, but only had about £8 in my wallet.

About your review, fair enough, but why did you only go to Eden and Es Paradis??? They are, in my opinion the 2 worst clubs, out of the big 7.
yes admittedly i agree they are the worst clubs but.......

my mates not a clubber and doesn't earn much money so 35 euros to get in wasn't high on his agenda.

I've done every club numerous times in the last four years and so wanted to try something different and use the days rather than the nights. the only regret i have is missing Roger Sanchez at pacha!

and anyway a club is normally what you makew of it and whilst i will never set foot in eden again i've always had a soft spot for es paradis!

sorry if my review seemd negative as we had a great time it's just we'd seen it and done it with better people on the island.

I leave you with one word that sums up this years experience with you, it might offend some but....