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Anyone think that the leftfield albums were/are over-rated?

i do.

of course there are some good songs on both albums, but there not albums that i could listen to for years and years.

don't shoot me :p
A lot of people were eager for the arrival of this album, but few knew how badly the world needed it. Leftism is the first world map of dance, charting worldbeat, jungle, techno, hip-hop and a steel drum full of dub across an ever-fragmenting clubland. Barnes and Daley's hardcore cred (ex-punks, friends with lots of Rasta types, no interviews) and pop touch made them perfect emissaries, and Leftism became the first essential clubber's purchase to crossover to the mainstream.

Part of Leftism's crossover - and Leftfield's retention of club cool -- can be attributed to the savvy use of guest vocalists. "Original" pits Curve's Toni Halliday against moody trip-hop, thereby inventing Garbage two years early, while the artist formerly known as Johnny Rotten's banshee prophecy of a burning Hollywood over the caning house rhythms of "Open Up" still sounds incendiary. Conversely, "Afro-Left," "Space Shanty" and junglist tornado "Storm 3000" deliver punishing dancefloor beats without sacrificing the instant, dynamic impact of top-flight pop.

Think all techno dates in two years? Think again. Leftism distilled the revolutionary sounds of the early '90s into timeless songs, and even as the second Leftfield album approaches, the debut sounds fresher than 1999's flavor-of-the-month junglists and big beaters. Come a new millenium, it'll still be sitting next to the CD player.

ok so I didnt write the above article but I personally think Its a quality CD. ;)
Agree that Leftism is probably the most complete and comprehensive album ever....Thought the second one tried too hard ;)

i was well impressed reading your post thinking wow that is such a good description ;-) not yours, ah well

robo you heathen ;-) - one of best albums ever - just so diverse. underworld's album with the black and white cover from the same era is great too - but a bit samey in places

still just as well we don't all like the same thing eh?
Wasnt that keen on it to be honest - thought it sounded like a cross between student indie s***te and dance music. Each to their own I suppose.
Leftism is timeless. A groundbreakin load of choons then, it's still stands up today. Open Up is an all time top 10 for me.

Rob, you always seem to have good taste in music. what happened? :eek:
leftism is an awesome album nowt wrong with that and talking of over ratedness,why do people rate basement jaxx,there cheese,anyone agree.
ok guys.

i've listened to it again.

i still stand by my opinon, but.

i do like

the first 2 mins of 'release the pressure'
'song of life'
'storm 300'
'21st cetnury poem'

but the album doesn't 'excite' me, like some other albums do.
I agree with you Rob. And yes Basement Jaxx are cheese - although they werent at first. They released Fly Life which was played by a lot of the non-cheese DJ's. And like a lot of people (Sanchez , Morillo e.t.c.) they then took the commercial root.
I actually bought Leftism on triple vinyl about 6 months ago, only about £15 too. I've had copies of that and the Rhythm & Steath albums for years and always thought both albums were very good and have some top memories with the tunes before and after going out. You really had to hear them play live to appreciate them truely I'd say.

And Flash off the Rhythm & Stealth album is pure genius.