Learning Spanish


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for people serious about learning Spanish

go to your local university or tapas restaurant or wherever there is a spanish/south american community and try and find someone to do an intercambio with. Conversation's more important than grammar and it's more fun as well.

Am considering offering English classes to Spaniards on Skype for a weekly fee but internet connection is too volatile at the moment


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Notes in Spanish are offering all their worksheets to accompany the podcasts for half price again if anyone's interested ;


Badly need to get back into this.
this lot should get you started:

No soy Ingles! - I am NOT English!
No soy de Edimburgo! soy de Dundee! - etc
Tienes pastillas cojonudos? - Have you got any premium quality swedgers?
Porque todas las putas en las ramblas son tan feas? - why are all the 'night workers' on the Ramblas so ugly?
A donde puedo conseguir entradas para El Clasico? - where can I get tickets for the big game?
Burro! Cabron! Imbecil! idiot/donkey! b'stard! tosser!
Socorro! Policia! Me han robado el cartero! - Help! Police officer! they have stolen my wallet!
Te acuerdas aquel partido de Recopa cuando Dundee United gano a Barcelona en 1986? - do you remember THAT game?
if anyone on this thread is actually serious (hmm...) then i suggest the michel thomas teach yourself course. Failing that, go and live in Cartagena for a year
Next time one of you gets done over by the guardia, i want you to tell them:

"Me voy a cagar en tu putisima madre"

And then report back on here and let us know what happened next


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Ditched that years ago, but i use Duolingo pretty regularly, especially in the buildup to trips to Spain.

Its having the confidence to put it into practice though, alcohol usually removes the fear filter!

Rania Daher

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heading out to ibiza for next season and i want to learn a good bit of spanish before i get there. courtesy n that.

does anyone have any advice on good & cheap ways to learn? good books, cd's etc?

cheers :)
I am using a book called Assimil, comes with listening cds, i found it really great for learning, but you also have to watch series, listen to music etc.. in ordee to get a hold of the language. I already know some French and the Spanish language has a lot of French words in it so i picked it up easily. If you know French it should be a piece of cake.
I am also taking a course in ibiza so you could always do that when you visit as well, anywhere in Spain. Its a nice way to talk to Spanish people and learn faster.
I am up for practicing Spanish with you once you start speaking it :)