Learn Spanish

Take a course!

You can't learn spanish without a text book or something the web is a stupid way of learning!
better taking a class, if you just read it it doesnt sink in you need to be talking back and forth to someone, but when you hear 2 spanish talking to each other it just goes over your head, too fast and no idea where it starts or finishes
Well... I think Spanish is much easier to understand than English. Think about the multiple ways to pronounce same vowels or pairs of vowels in English. It's so hard to understand English... Mainly western and Southern American.

In Spanish every vowel sounds always the same, the exceptions are very few, so if you hear 'a' in a word, the letter is 'a', 'e' for 'e', etc.

Consonants are pronounced always the same, except for 'c', 'g' and other cases.

The main handicap are the verbal tenses.

If you want to know about any key phases, I'll be glad to tell you. ;)
stephen said:
¿could you explain the subjunctive please?

nah, just joking.

Hehehe, well, that's pretty complicated to explain here ;)
But I guess you already know a little about it as you live in Ibiza...
Gracias ;) :lol: :lol:

I know u can't learn Spanish from the net or from a book.

I just need a "crash" course to be able to have a little chat with someone. (some basic stuff)