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the new le masque in playa den bossa opens on june 30th with toni moreno+etc :!:

as previously mentioned, what used to be diva.....


Grand Opening: LE MASQUE
‘Playa den Bossa’s newest dance club’
Tuesday 30th June
David Moreno + Toni Moreno

Grand Opening

Whilst Ibiza may already have its fair share of discos and niteclubs, 2009 is without a doubt the year of the clubbing shake up. Between venue switches and AWOL super-parties, it seems that this really could be the summer of change.

Playa den Bossa is one area in particular that seems to be experiencing a mighty rebirth, with a number of new venues opening its doors to a switched on public, perhaps a sign that it’s truly time for something different.

And so, with all these changes, comes a brand new club right in the heart of Playa den Bossa, a club that will open its doors this Tuesday 30th June. It’s name~ LE MASQUE; it’s aim~ to inject a healthy dose of glamour and good taste back into Bossa. With overtones of a diverse series of events powered by a DJ line up thats nothing if not diverse and undertones of high quality clubbing at reasonable prices, LE MASQUE is set to make its mark as the new force to be reckoned with in Ibiza 2009.

The club opens this Tuesday 30th June and in keeping with the theme, the Grand Opening will take the form of a Masquerade Ball. Prepare to be gracefully thrown around the timber sprung dancefloor to the sound of legendary DJ Seb Fontaine and Mr Hot to Trot Alex Gaudino. They’ll be joined by island DJ brothers David Moreno and Toni Moreno, not to mention singing sensation Shena, making LE MASQUE’s Opening party a truly internationally musical affair.

The Discotheque

Whilst the venue itself has been in existence for many years, it’s only now, under new ownership, that it has had a total revamp under the hand of internationally known interior designer Carol Renner, bringing it up to date and beyond.

Four areas with enough space between them for some 2,500 party people, LE MASQUE is a club that begs to be explored. The main room boasts a Rill laser light show the likes of which has never been seen before, least of all in Ibiza. An amazing LED lighting system illuminates the middle room of the club and the roof terrace chillout makeover adds yet another dimension to the club as a whole. The 4th area~ the Masquerade Bar and Terrace~ has been transformed into a vanguard luxury garden and which opens every evening from 19.00h.

Let’s not forget the VIP area with its metallic colour scheme, giant bed and Shot Bar. All four spaces are equipped with one of the best sound systems on the island.

INFINITY 2008 is officially the biggest selling dance single of all time and has boldly gone where no dance single before it has gone. This summer in Ibiza its producer Guru Josh is on a mission to create a multimedia bi-weekly event at the island's newest venue,Le Masque, in the heart of Playa den Bossa. 'Infinity&Beyond' is the name of Guru Josh's latest creation, which launches on Weds 15th July at le Masque. Directed by Manumission's Keith Holden, it has a glittering cast of musicians and DJs lined up for the summer dates, including saxophonist Deva, Santana guitarrist Javier Vargas, soul diva Kym Mazelle and DJs Igor Blaska and Rae. Get ready for blast-off on 15th July, with Guru Josh in the driving seat taking us to Infinity and Beyond.

That venue is cursed!

Plus it appears that, in a lean season, the big clubs have an even bigger lock on the scene. Le Masque, BoHo, Martina, etc. don't seem to be getting any traction.
a diverse series of events powered by a DJ line up thats nothing if not diverse
ministry of sound was one of the brands involved..... till space (who signed the m.o.s. owned hed kandi) heard about it and stopped it :!:

anyway, seems like the club wont be open in 2010.....