latest new hotel in playa den bossa


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ok this is the hotel i greeted my parents to as a joke.anyone know why it was never knocked down.looks funny with all the new apts round it.and who lives in this place?.


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forgot about those pictures and info.mine you my parents are just happy to be on spotlight.your never too old for ibiza.72/75.
blimey woody is that the one on the beachfront just down from the algarb towards the boat pick up point?

If it is i thought they'd have done somethin with it by now it been like it ages and like you say they've developed all around it!
yes picture was taken last treat to my parents,it was meant to be a when they got home they should show friends that this was the hotel they stayed in.thought it was about time i treated my parents to show them what its like.

they loved it.mum 72 dad 75.
that were in that state 2 year back when i met you at the algarb- such a waste - what did ya folks make of ibiza?

they loved it.hired a car as a treat.which they did not know went all over the island.1/2 days here and there.and drink stop offs.they met a few people who i know.john from the ibizauncovered show.who was losing weight.and bumped in to mike and guru a few times in town.from manumission.what a fuss they made over my folks.just a pity ny dad missed space closing party the week before.he loves the music.over all just glad i treated them.nice to take your folks to to place you have been raving about since 83.just show them why i go back every year.

ok i did give them a few days off out of the 11 days they was there.just to recover a bit from a long day out.or the odd late night.another posing picture just to say they have been a nice one off bora bora.when closed

sorry picture is big got to learn how to make it smaller to really fit page better.
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Yeah mate sounds like they loved it an had a good time - as you've said many times before it doesn't matter what you're age is in Ibiza, you'll enjoy it!