Late July Ibiza trip report


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juan y andrea - an institution yeah, but everyone knows it's stupidly expensive and full of rich and famous. sort of a must do for anyone with a name.

lately I hear lots and lots of good feedback from es moli de sal. not a beach club, but simply a restaurant on the beach that apparently does a lot of things right.

Our hotel said we should go to Es Moli de Sal but sadly we didn't follow their advice. On celebrities we saw Alesso walking down the beach think he had been in Juan y Andrea.


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Chiringuito Manolito was recommended by a friend of mine on Formentera. Much more rustic but nice.

my fave places for a meal on formentera are all away from illetas:

- restaurant es caló (in es caló, for dinner)
- chiringuito bartolo at the very eastern end of migjorn, in es copinyar, on the way to caló d'es mort (daytime)
- kiosko 62 and pelayo chiringuito on migjorn beach (daytime)

but next time I'm going to formentera I do wanna try es moli de sal (also, funds permitting).


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Juan Y Andrea is not just crazily expensive (tuna tartare 36 euros, french fries 16 euros, bread and olives 10 euros....) but the waiters will try to push you to order more - definitely avoid it.
They would have to be some very good french fries


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Es Moli is incredible; we had an incredible paella and they added extra lobster for us for a reasonable price.

Service, location, view, and food all great.


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I guess that I have less recent experience to compare to in Ibiza which might explain why I wasn't disappointed. We definitely did find the prices high, but after months being stuck at home not spending much money we were probably less sensitive to it . I completely agree that other places in the Med offer more in terms of luxury for less money (although let's not talk about Mykonos or St Tropez which are insane). What I did find in a lot of the places that we went to was a real 'Ibiza' feeling that was for me unique. Generally the crowd was interesting, diverse and somehow cooler than you'd find elsewhere - I could imagine a lot of them going wild on a night out! I found the locals super friendly and didn't hear any derogatory comments about clubbers or people who aren't wealthy (for the avoidance of doubt I hope I didn't give that impression either, not my intention).

I'd love to hear your recommendations for Formentera I loved everything about it (apart from Juan Y Andrea!).

7Pines was good for the view and the sunset. I'm not sure I'd stay, it's very resort-y like somewhere in Asia - no real sense of place - and for some reason seemed to take ages to get to. The taxi situation there was bad too.

La Paloma is very special I think you should try it. Food was great and service very friendly plus superb people watching.

Have you been to Ca Na Xica near to your villa? Looks nice too.

Yes SW London here :)
Sorry - didn't respond.

We didn't go to Ca Na Xica - the girls wanted to do a spa day, but a combination of laziness & hangovers meant it never materialised.

A place we *really* want to check out is Hacienda Na Xamena; need to ditch the child and win the lottery first, though.