Last night's eclectic playlist

DJ Soulman

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This is last night's playlist, as it happened. Fairly typical mixed bag in my regular gig. 2 different crowds;

7:30pm til 9:30pm an older crowd that likes 70's and 80's.

9:30pm til midnight a much younger crowd on their way to 900 capacity nightclub back to back with my gig. They stay at my gig til midnight then go to the nightclub. Lots of them like R n 'B and pop type trance, but I like to push quality house on them too. :D Makes interesting reading. :D 29-11-03.htm

a roller coaster ride across the decades. now i know just what eclectic means i'm going to have to rebrand my style. i wish i'd bought that dictionary all those years ago!
DJ Biff said:

a roller coaster ride across the decades.

Yep, it's like this every week. Bit of something for everyone. I get the oldies in for the earlier half of each night and the youngun's for the latter half. So, go from one extreme to the other! LOL Lots of variety, it's good fun! :lol: