Last minute!


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Afternoon all,

I've been entertaining the idea of working in Ibiza this summer since I came back from my '08 holiday. Several friends have messed about saying they will then they wont come so I never really decided on it. But I've decided to just go on my own! Not gunna let my friends stop me!

So I am looking for anyone who is travelling over in the next fortnight who might wanna share accomodation and job hunt with me? I am 19, male and from east england, I'm easy going and love music, clubbing and Ibiza!

PM if your looking for an extra housemate or are in a similar position to me and we can chat!

Hey! Ive made the decision to go to Ibiza in ooo the last 4 days! Mainly because I love the idea and Music, and a work opportunity has popped up which Id quite like to grab! No doubt they would be after others too! Anyway i'm looking at going around beginning of June earliest. Let me know if your still planning on going!
Im female, 18, clubbing, dancing, music and general good time girl!! From North East :)