laseres in amnesia


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is it me or have they gone sh!t? i remember going in 2001 for gods kitchen and the lasres were amazing i went this year for cream and they were pathetic!

was it just the night i went or have they cahnged the lasres?
I agree... i thought they were pretty lame, although i cant compare to other years, but even so for a top club in "Ibiza" you shouldnt need drugs to trip out.. :lol: I didnt think much of the sound either. Actually the whole Amnesia club didnt do much for me apart from the the ice cannon :rolleyes:
dont get me wrong i f***ing love the place, its my favourite club on the island every time ive been its been one of the best nights of the holiday, just i remember lasers coming from both sides of the dj booth and propper f***ing you up!!! they used to right the dj's name all over the place,

Could the lasres of been a Godskitchen thing cause Gods allways heve mint lasers at there events?

unfortunately its not a pic of amnesia allthough its the type of thing i remember

iys actually a pic of one of the tents at GodsKitchen Global Gathering from the weekend
The lasers belong to Godskitchen, so no Godskitchen no lasers at Amnesia.