Lapto bad Idea?


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Hi all,
I'm considering bringing my laptop so I can get a little work done during my few lucid moments. Should I be more concerned than usual about expensive items being safe in my hotel room, or are Ibiza hotel staff fairly trustworthy?
try and do with out it.i would.lots of internet cafes to use if you really need to.small items you can carry on you.but laptop hard to put in a big.
I've taken my laptop almost every time I've gone to Ibiza. No problems.

If you're really concerned, get yourself one of those netbooks (Asus Eee series, Acer Aspire One, HP Mini, Samsung NC10). They have less powerful processors than regular notebooks but are ultra-portable, inexpensive (usually $500 or less), and small enough to fit in a hotel safe. They'll do just fine for web surfing, word processing, playing music and watching non-HD video.

I have a Fujitsu Lifebook U820 netbook. It's slightly more expensive than the others but has a touchscreen and is super-portable (fits in a coat pocket). I use it on short trips instead of my laptop, which lets me carry a camera bag on the plane instead of a regular full-sized laptop bag.
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Slightly off topic but last year i took along a pocket size hp 2100x PDA for WIFI connections whilst out & about & it worked great as i was able to keep upto date with the latest news from home etc.. Also being small it easily fitted into a safe locker or small rucksack for when needed, personally though i'd suggest leaving your laptop at home as it's better to be safe than sorry.. Besides if you did take it with you & were to lose it or worst have it stolen do UK insurance firms allow such items to be covered for loss or theft??

Well, if you're taking your main laptop with you, just make sure it's password protected and back up all your data before your trip. That's common sense whether going to Ibiza or on a regular business trip.

I don't think there's any special danger taking your laptop with you to Ibiza as opposed to anywhere else you travel for work or play over the course of the year.
Thanks guys. My phone has WIFI so I'll just do well with that. It may be therapeutic to not work for a week or so any way.