Lapland Style Theme Park


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i think the words. LAPLAND & NEW FOREST would have sent alarm bells ringing.

Cant remember the last time it snowed down that way in Dec...


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On the news here in Finland they said that this "theme park" is worst of the worst and bad publicity for the real Lapland. They claimed that this has to be some kind of joke :lol:


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This is a fantastic example of 'What Were They Thinking???'

Even at best this place was only ever going to be complete and utter sh*t.

There's only so much 'fun' to be squeezed out of Christmas at the best of times and visiting a place full of sour-faced elves, where you can see husky-dogs chained to a post, whining and rolling about in a mire of their own sh*t is just going to upset most people and put them off Christmas forever.

I dread to think what their version of Santa coming down the chimney entails.