Labelled @ Air, Birmingham with James Talk / Adam Shaw 04/07


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- Sat 4th July - Labelled @ Air, Birmingham with James Talk / Adam Shaw


How many times do you get a press release and read the first few lines which promises you something so amazingly different when in all honesty the promoter is throwing an identikit party with identikit DJ’s to line his pockets? Not so with Labelled.

We are not promising you anything amazingly different, it is a party after all, but what we can promise you is a party thrown with passion and dedication with a keen eye on things that really matter. An event that’s thrown for clubbers by people that have been clubbers and who know how important these seemingly simple things can be.

Music is paramount to a Labelled event, again this may seem like an obvious statement to make for a club night, but we all know quite how average and diluted some soundtracks can be, but not Labelled. Our music has balls and we will stand by it and shout about it. Our residents leave their ego’s at home and bring the noise and our guests are not picked randomly out of some music mag or from some hype list. Quality is the key and Labelled guests will have a proven track record and will audibly arouse the senses.

Another thing that differentiates Labelled from the pack is that we are not launching in the back room of some dingy club in some small town in nowheresville, we start as we mean to go on and tackle some of the finest venues in the countries clubbing hot spots.

Labelled kick starts proceedings at Air in Birmingham on 4th July with two genuinely rising stars, in the form of James Talk and Adam Shaw and quickly follows that with an event at Kerbcrawler in Leeds on 25th July with an established star of the scene, D.Ramirez.

Our passion cannot be Rivalled.

Our parties refuse to be Labelled.




Saturday 4th July

LABELLED @ Air, Birmingham

10pm 'til 6am

[FONT=&quot]Nitrogen Room:[/FONT] LABELLED

James Talk
Adam Shaw
Paul Morgan
Adam S

[FONT=&quot]Carbon Lounge:[/FONT] KOCA!NE

Adam G
Jay Cosgrove & Rik Harrison
Andy Potter
Dave Lewis

[FONT=&quot]Oxygen Bar:[/FONT] DEEPSIDE

Chris Longden
Dave Gosling
Si Bates
Paul Marshall
The Usual Suspect

£8 Early Bird (Limited)
£10 Advance

£12 Before 12am
£15 After 12am



Liverpool - £30
(8pm leave Liverpool / 6am return and entry to club) - 48 Places left

Paul Morgan (Liverpool) via Facebook or 07708 722 725
Andy Potter (Liverpool) via Facebook or 07738 625 397

Manchester - £30
(8pm leave Manchester / 6am return and entry to club) - 48 Places left

James Cosgrove (Manchester) via Facebook or 07868 242 483
Chris Longden (Manchester) via Facebook
Dave Gosling (Manchester) via Facebook
Simon Bates (Manchester) via Facebook

Leeds | Bradford - £TBC
(2pm leave Leeds | Bradford with hotel / 2pm return next day and entry to club)

Jamie Anderton (Leeds) via Facebook or 07855 935 591
Adam Godfrey (Leeds) via Facebook or 07746 661 824


Facebook -

DSI link -

Air, Heath Mill Lane, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4AL

£10 Advance -

Sat 4th July - Labelled @ Air, Birmingham
James Talk & Adam Shaw

Sat 25th July - Labelled @ Kerbcrawler, Leeds

Sat 1st Aug - Labelled @ Air, Birmingham
Andy Chatterley, Darius Syrossian & Nyra, Nickelle & Ralf GUM

Sat 5th Sept - Labelled @ Air, Birmingham
Paul Thomas, Evans & Waterfall & Oliver Dahl