La Troya/foam party or Trade and espuma?


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Please help me: La troya on tuesday or Trade and espuma on Sunday? And what is de difference between the two party's? And wich people come to this party's?
La Troya Foam party is a gay party though its mixed with gays and straights and its an absolutly crazy fun night. The atmosphere is cool and everyone is looking to have fun. Trade and espuma is not a specifically gay party and is just an all out "normal" party with foam thats roughly it. Both nights are amazing though i hear the La Troya night has a better atmosphere.
la troya is on wednesdays, and its a really good night, ya there may be some gays but who cares, the atmosphere is apsolutly rockin and if u are in ibiza u definatly should go to a night like that, its a real ibiza experience :D