La Troya Closing Party At Amnesia..........



Did anyone go last Weds? I was expecting it to be a lot more outrageous but somehow it just didn't happen. Still enjoyed the night but it wasn't exactly how other people had said it would be. Icy cold jet blasts across the dancefloor however were most impressive!

Does anyone else think the same who went?
i think that CraigyBoy is right .evryone told me that it's the best :eek: party :evil:
but it was'nt and yes i was in the terrace.
just about 7 people :rolleyes: started to move and the atmosphere want wild.
but it was for only 2 hours.some disappointment for me :?: .
It's strange, as it's in my opinion one the wildest parties.
Maybe it didn't have the proper crowd that night in general.
well TigerVlc i think that you right .people forget to eat some things :lol: :lol: :D ;)
The party itself was decent plus, but the croud only got going in the early hours of the morning.

IMO all the crappy shows they put on there just kill the atmosphere and the dancing mood people come with :confused:

All in all it was a great party eventually, that lasted until about 9:15am or so.
I remember that I was on La Troya and that it just didn't start to fill up on the terrace, it stayed empty, atmosphere-less...... :(