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Just back from Ibiza (suffering serios ibiza-comedown-blues) with that song still in my head: the main catchline goes: "a life", maybe "alive". the whole feel of the song is very "underworld"-ish. i don't own the new underworld yet, maybe it is even on the new record?! or maybe it is on the "underwater episode"-record. any ideas what it could be?!

it was spinning all over the place in Ibiza, in the BASE-bar, I heard it in "Pasha", "Space" and the "Manumission"-night at Priviledge.

Though the line could also be "Allnight", "allright", or something phonetically near to "A life" or something... but it's not Montilla "All Night", its not Kidstuff "Allright", I checked these, but they sound completely different. Just hink about "underworld", I think that comes closest...

To help cure my Ibiza-blues, please everyone help me. for me that is my definite Ibiza-2002-anthem...

C U all next year!