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Just back from Ibiza (suffering serios ibiza-comedown-blues) with that song still in my head: the main catchline goes: "a life", maybe "alive". the whole feel of the song is very "underworld"-ish. i don't own the new underworld yet, maybe it is even on the new record?! or maybe it is on the "underwater episode"-record. any ideas what it could be?!

it was spinning all over the place in Ibiza, in the BASE-bar, I heard it in "Pasha", "Space" and the "Manumission"-night at Priviledge.

Though the line could also be "Allnight", "allright", or something phonetically near to "A life" or something... but it's not Montilla "All Night", its not Kidstuff "Allright", I checked these, but they sound completely different. Just hink about "underworld", I think that comes closest...

To help cure my Ibiza-blues, please everyone help me. for me that is my definite Ibiza-2002-anthem...

C U all next year!

sounds like Underworlds "Two Months off"
from the album "One Hundred Days Off"

Let me know if I'm Right?
Yeah, it was released last week, on the 2nd September, and the rest of the album (100 days off) is released on 16th September.

Sounds like a good candidate, especially with your feelings that it is like Underworld and all the light comments. They wrote such an uplifting tune that Karl (Hyde) had to completely change his lyrics from the usual depressive stuff.
you got it, guys!

Lushcrew, Jamese75: you guys are great... thanks to KazaA its spinning on my MD (Radar Version, Edit Version). It's great! Brings all my mem'ries back...

T. dancing away on the streets