Klippe Apartments



Can anyone give us a review on the Klippe apartments in San An Bay please ?

Setting off from Belfast in the next couple of weeks and according to the brochure (if u believe those things!) the apartment bar is open 24 hours ??

Any comments would help ?
Ive been told they are ok!!! clean but nothing special and a fair walk away.

Saying that im going there on the 25th!!!!

Cheers Treble - you can give me a report on here when you come back. Not going until mid September.

Any1 else know of these apartments ??
ive just come back from there. Its alright its open 24hrs so u can get food and drink any time. Its more of a hotel for the boozers rather than the clubbers, its really noisy all the time so its pretty hard to get to sleep plus there's no air condition. Its about a 10-15 min walk to the west end or 6 euros by cab.
Thanks - sounds like it could be a bit mad then ? Imagine that in Ibiza !

Should be a bit quieter then mid September as I think it is more a time for the clubbers going to the closing parties rather than the teenage beer boys !!