Klippe Apartments


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Has Anyone stayed in the Klippe Apartments? what are they like?
I stayed in central park last year it can't be worse then that can it? :D
depends what ur expecting,stayed in them last year, quite basic, but ok. im sure theres alot worse
They’re round in the Bay. They are pretty basic, but I think that’s the same with most 18-30/2wentys/Freestyle apartments. Its not like you’re going to be spending any great amount of time there anyway. There are definitely worse apartments believe me.

The first year I went out all season I booked the cheapest two week holiday I could find with 18-30. It was called Hostal Sa Roca and was right in the middle of the west end – now that was a total dump! :lol:
Also stayed there for a week last year, they are pretty basic but theres a bar open 24hr and a decent pool. Not a bad location though u can just walk straight down to the water to get the water taxi into San An.
I stayed there 2 years ago. make sure you don't book a studio without seaview as we ended up with a really pokey room which looked into the bar.

The pool was a good size though and the beach just across the road.
danielburnett73 said:
I stayed in central park last year it can't be worse then that can it?

you didnt like the views from central park? :(

:eek: --->

:eek: --->
I stayed there last year.

We arrived at 3 am after travelling, put suitcase on bed and sat down (i'm only 9.5 stone), bed breaks.... I end oup sleeping on mattress on the floor for my first night.

After reporting it to the reps in the morning they got it fixed straight away. Thi involved the handyman coming in first thing in the morning with a plank of wood and making new spars while we watched.

THe bath was minging and couldnt be cleaned and the kitchen is really basic think we had one huge pot.

THats the bad stuff over...

Its anescapades hotel so I take it your going with them. They are really really good, we had GIno Dan and Skippy and all were always available to help and get stuff sorted. They never put ANY pressure on to go on trips. Although I would advise you go on the Katemaran?judgement sunday trip.

I'm going back with escapdes this year but going to the Mar y Vent as its in a better location for what we want.

Hope you enjoy :p