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Hope i'm posting in the right place!

Just getting started with Reason. using v4 and struggling to get the kick drum effect i want.

What i'm after is that kind of lead before the hard part of the kick drum. Only example i can think of off the top of my head

Is this pumping kick, hi hat, effect all done with compression and swing or is there something else in the mix that's causing the woomph on the kick drum. I've tried compression but i'm just not getting that lead into the kick drum...

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Hey Man!

First advice: use straight softwares like ableton, logic, or cubase..... Reason is so unprofessional....

2 The effects u looking for are (or can be ;)) made with sidechain compression.... check out that powerful trick...

3. u can use kicks from sample cds like vengeance...they are really good, just process those a bit and u ll have ur own kickdrum....
Thanks for the response guys!

I'm afraid i'm stuck with reason. I' tried ableton live and think its a lot more intuitive and the sound engine is great but i can't afford a mac right now so will have to make do...

I understand what sidechain compression cann do now. Daft Punk - one more time. I've managed to set it up but not produced any great results yet.

I beleive you can notice the sidechain compression on that track above when the lead and bass comes in.

The effects i'm trying to replicate are both in the first 8 bars which i don't think the sidechan compression comes in. Am i right?

The first effect is that little skip/shimmy whatever you call it on the 4th beat that gives it that signature swing/funk.

I looked at that youtube link and made my bar 1/64 then added a beat before the last beat like in the vid but not to great effect. Is there anything else i can do?

the other effect is that lead/woomph into the kick drum. The closest thing i can find is a reverse kick drum hit i downloaded but it doesn;t sound great. Is some kind of compression being applied here or maybe the attack turned right down?

Better still - is there somewhere i can get drum patterns like you can guitar tabs so i can learn how to put high hats together or whatever to create that swing instead of having just flat beats? Or even whole songs created in reason so i can backward engineer?

One more quicky :) Another effect i really like is that snare/clap that sounds almost like a whip.

You can hear it here on the 4th beat

Haven't downloaded vengeance yet. Can you recommend any packs for house/electro/techno/old school house? Any other manufacturers?

I've been playing with loopmasters 2020 Vision Deep Tech House and Techno which has got some good FX and the loops are good for ideas. But none of the kicks or snares/claps that i'm after... so i'm guessing its down to the processing...