kanya parties - 2003!!


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here is the complete list:

· mondays: pool party
· tuesdays: garlands
· wednesdays: dc10 - virtual ibiza. a party with all the djs from dc10 and sponsored by the website virtual ibiza!!
· thursdays: tonic - cream
· fridays: hed kandi
· saturdays: retro
· sundays: carwash

and remember: kanya opens next saturday at 8 pm with its resident djs (rob burne, tony oneto, etc), igor marijuan (from the cadena 100 radio), lots of fireworks and live shows by foc i fum, carwash, etc. see you there!!


Macky :p
OOOOOOh ... are these parties all starting from NEXT week ???
Blimey! This has got me excited!

This holiday was a real spur of the moment thing ... no saving or anything ... so we are on quite a tight budget .... ( tho appreciate once you are there things dont go QUITE as you thought they would ... )

But ....... we have sorta budgeted for ONE big club night .. ( Which HAS to be the Underwater Opener .. as I really really feel that they are gonna go off BIG TIME this year over there ... despite having the hots for Morillo ) .... anyways ...

BARS are where I am quite content to be .. and .. NOT SO BIG clubs ...

This sounds .. expecially nice !!!!
Saffy, you'll love Kanya.......it's not too far from where you're staying just up past the sunset strip. It's lovely for sunbathing and chilling in the day, really good crowd and always a good night too if you don't want to be bang on the clubbing. Does a nice bit of grub as well :D
Kanya grub is lovely and you should also go to the bar to the right of Kanya called Kasbah, they do delish food too :D Babs will confirm this i think!
Kasbah does best food in San Antonio imo, and if you get there early enough it's fab to watch the sunset from there.

I'm going to get my lazy ar$e over to San Antonio on our first Saturday night and watch sunset @ Kuhmaras and then get some decent grub at Kasbah cos it will probably be my last proper meal for a wk :eek: :p
Did I say I was excited before!?

Am chuffed ... I just know we are going to have a lovely time ... be nice to meet some of you who are out there at the same time .. but I know how it is ... arangements tend to go fuzzy after a certain time ...

FOod places are noted too ... !!
lol, Kasbah, i was there with my gf a couple of years ago, went a few times. Then we were there one night and our waitress wasnt as good as usual. My gf said

"What?!? Those guys are getting served before us? We've been here much longer,fcuk sake, i'm gonna have a word in a min"

N8: "Its because thats Alex P, Brandon block, Lottie and Anne Savage hun"

PMSL,but to give her credit she went over and said hello to them after they had finished their food and Alex P remembered me from when i met him in a hotel in Northampton a couple months before when he was with a good friend of mine :lol:
Hmm she sounds something like me !! Your girlfriend that is ... not that I am ... cos I'm not a girlfriend .. I'm married !

Hmm .. not really on tho that celebs get served first ...
Ach Mr Picture Man .. I want you take mine and MrM's pic on a sunset night ... anniversary pic ... :D
update :!:

these parties were announced at the end of may and some of them changed:

· wednesdays: dc10 - virtual ibiza

its an organized kaos event sponsored by virtual ibiza and featuring jo mills among others :!:

· fridays: hed kandi

according to the july issue of dj mag the pool party at kanya was on thursdays!! :eek:

according to the august issue there is no pool party at kanya (only at es vive hotel on saturday and monday - 2pm to 6pm)!! :eek:

confirmed by matt collins: no hed kandi at kanya :!:

· sundays: carwash

this party has already finished at eden - no idea if they are still at kanya!! :rolleyes:
more information :!:

· wednesdays: virtualy ronsoned
Wednesdays collaboration between Up Yer Ronson and Virtual Ibiza - Virtualy Ronsoned - is now offering a free BBQ for the first 50 people through the door

· thursdays: twice as nice (pool party)

· fridays: fiasco!
Hip hop night Fiasco! has now reached San Antonio. They’ll be hosting hip hop, r&b and all kinds of funky shit every Friday afternoon at Kanya. There’ll be breakers, BMXers and all the usual urban tomfoolery, as well as the chance to work on that tan

· sundays: deja vu