Kandi El Divino



I quite fancy going to Hed Kandi at El Divino but have heard that this club is full of people who are there just to pose and not really get into the spirit of things. Also that drinks are really expensive, a JD and Coke being upwards of £20!!!!

Can anyone comment?

ROFL :lol:

ok so you know where I got that from then! So its not true??!
There ARE posers there, but they're usually stuck in the VIP area and you don't have to mix with them! They're the ones who look like they're stuck in 1988!

JD+ Coke - my drink of choice -was NO WAY £20 !! I don't think I's go back there if it was. Perhaps a tenner - only the same as Pacha.
lol @ £20 JD coke....although last year it was 32 euros in Es Paradis for a vintage/mature/well aged JD shot......should have seen the snotty bar girls face when we pulled out the drinks vouchers to pay for the 6 we'd just ordered :lol:
i'm gonna miss the days of ordering a dozen JD & cokes within a night and still have change for me taxi home. It just aint right in ibiza. strokin bas*ards....
I do not remember the drink prices being madly astronomical, anyways I believe that Pacha has its share of posers as well but that will not stop me from going there and getting down.
Well said Chase,

there are a few posers everywhere but who gives a rats arse once your enjoying yourself. I like the fact there are a few posers about coz it,s the whole mix of people that make the place so special. I just laugh at the posers that take themselves so serious !!!!