Just Wondering???



Me and my mates just booked a late deal to stay in San Antonio for a week this year...the only thing bothering me is that the atmosphere is gonna be crap coz were going on the 2nd October...

:confused: I know most clubs r closed, but does any1 know wot we can expect and weather its still gonna be as good for women etc. as it is in July and August :?: :?:

Cheerz!! :)

october is a very nice time of year, the weather is still hot and sunny, however, most of the clubs will be shut, wih the exception of a few, pacha is open at weekends for example. There will be some people around the west end, but no way near as many in high season.
All of the sunset bars will be open, they will be very chilled, and you can see some great sunsets aswell at that time of the year without the thousands of people that watch it in the high season.

So Robo do you recon it's gonna be empty? It's obvious that its not gonna be as busy as it is during season, but I was hoping that the bars wud still be quite full and there wud be a fair amount of females aswell...looking at our hotel on the net, theres only a few rooms left, thats gotta be good hasn't it?

I like chillin' out, but are the bars all gonna be like that, or are sum gonna be playing some tunes that u can dance to??

I only ask because I dont wanna build myself up, expecting San An to be something its not! Do you recon u wud still get the full Ibiza 'feel' if u went at this time of year :?: :?: :?:
You will still have a good time in Oct..dont worry there will be plenty of girlies there too..enjoy, and try it earlier next year for a completely different feel!! :lol:
Cheerz Tinkerbell!! Take it uve been b4 :?: :?:

My Auntie lives in the exact same part of Durham as you...wired! :eek: